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About club

Our club is registered in 1997 as the Film-logic Center "Tribe Moloss". Now our new name - "MAXIMOV'S DOGS". We are engaged dogs of large breeds - moloss. It is English mastiff, Spanish mastiff, Neapolitan mastiff, Bordos a mastiff, the Caucasian sheep-dogs, The sheep-dog of Central Asia, Bern Zennenhund, Senbernar. Dogs of huge breeds have the features in cultivation, training, the maintenance, the special character. Cynologists of our center specialize in dogs of large breeds. They will help you to pick up, grow up and bring up the worthy pupil who will bring pleasure to you and your family.

"Maximov's Dogs" - conducts the dogs from the moment of a birth and their all life. The club has discounts in all large fodder companies on forages, canned food, mineral additives and vitamins. And, certainly, all these privileges for members of club.

The club has skilled veterinaries, hendlers and two professional trainers who prepare for dogs at rates: GRT (the General Rate of Training), PGD (Protectively-guard duty), the City Dog and the Dog-bodyguard.

Dogs of club are successfully exhibited at the international exhibitions, passing international examination, receive titles, awards and prizes.

For successful breeding cultivation I, the head of club - Maksimova E.V., get dogs abroad. It is necessary to approach to a choice of the puppy of large breed having thought and seriously is a greater responsibility. We are always ready to pick up to you the house favourite or a dog for exhibition career and cultivation.

I, Максимова Е.В, am engaged moloss (club work) more than 20 years. I held Senbernar, mastiffs, great dane, mastino - napoletano and now my love - English mastiff. I have stopped on this breed because of its imposing kind, the highest intelligence, outstanding security qualities. Puppies from my manufacturers bridle Bill's dog and pale-yellow dog Hjugo happily live in Switzerland, France, Germany, Egypt and, certainly, in Russia.

We invite you to join a noble brotherhood of owners of English mastiff.

Club "MAXIMOV'S DOGS" - a uniform command!

We wish good luck to you and your pupils!

Yours faithfully,

Maksimova Elena Valerevna.

The expert - the cynologist of 1 category.