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Press about us

Here are collected and publications about us will gather. We are glad, that we are not forgotten with such eminent editions, as PETS, In fauna, Between a cat and a dog.


"A lion - tsar of all animals,
Mastiff - tsar of all dogs "

Large dogs, namely moloss have subdued me for a long time. At us there lived the St. Bernard, 3 mastiffs, mastino - napoletano. English mastif have interested, have bewitched the greatness. And I have lighted up, seeing in exhibition rings of these powerful handsome men (and as to the expert they should be judged both in Moscow, and in other cities of the Commonwealth of Independent States).

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"Velvet heart"

English mastiff - the giant among dogs, an alive antiquity. Despite of the furious past (the British nobility had a good time, setting mastiffs on bears, lions and even elephants), mastiff - a quiet dog, the good partner in life.

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"Be better than English mastiff
English mastiff can only "

The history of English mastiff is full of the most improbable versions and assumptions. Home these largest dogs (for example, Zorbo, belonged English millionaire Iraklidisu, weighed 154 kg) Romans, vikings, applied.

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