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TV about us

When Bill was the 11-month's teenager - its photo have asked for a cover of the video-cartridge " About mastiff ". With it has begun show-career.

The following offer has acted from a motor show "Pervoks" which has engaged Bill for shootings advertising new mark "FORD".

Bill was removed in transfer of Lima Vajkule in 2 series " the Dog life " on NTV. And I, Maximova E.V., talked as the cynologist about similarity of owners and their dogs to celebrities - Alexander Buinov and its dogs - the metis Old-England sheepdog and jack rassel terrier, JAn Arlazorov with the cocker, Lev Leshchenko and jack rassel terrier, Alexander Rosenbaum with the American bulldog, Larissa Rubalskaja and its poodle and, naturally, Lima Vajkule and its dogs - the American bulldogs.

A following stage of the dog showmen of Bill and Hjugo - shootings on NTV. The film-making brigade has lead in our house of midday. Was present on a meal, from a balcony observed training - as dogs work on the person-infringer, talked about this unique breed, evidently enjoying her. It has laid down in a basis of the manual for students VGIK.

On March, 26th the telechannel house on 1-st transfer about animals " Friends to my owner " has presented Bill and Hjugo with their mistress, Maximova to E.V. Bill and Hjugo have given interview about the life all over the country.

Hjugo as one of the most enormous mastiffs, possessing "brutal" appetite, advertised on channel TNT special pies for dogs - successfully having eaten prepared for it directly in studio the chief-cook a culinary masterpiece.

Here such telestars live at my place.

Wait for following releases!

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